We are celebrating a California solar win – and it wouldn’t have happened without dedicated solar supporters like you! The Public Utilities Commission recently voted to stand strong for rooftop solar despite heavy pressure from the big utilities. We want to thank you for speaking up and ask you to go the distance with us to keep the Golden State shining for years to come.

Rooftop solar SolarJumphas become a classic California success story – epitomizing the spirit of innovation, progress and leadership that makes our state great. But California’s big monopoly utilities have been working to rewrite the rules and stop solar growth to protect their old way of doing business.

In this latest decision, major utilities were pushing to change the net metering rules on solar customers in as little as six years. We say Californians should be able to count on stable rules and predictable bill credit for the lifetime of their solar energy system. We asked citizens like you to help us speak up for solar rights, and boy did you! Altogether we delivered more than 50,000 pro-solar messages to the Commission – and those messages were heard loud and clear.

In late March, regulators at the PUC voted to make sure the net metering rules won’t change on existing solar customers for at least twenty years. The decision applies to the state’s 200,000 existing solar customers plus any other others who go solar before July 2017 or before their utility hits the current 5% program cap. This was a major step forward on the longer path to defending solar rights for California homes, schools and businesses. If you’re on twitter, you can help us thank state leaders for protecting California solar rights by sending them a quick tweet here.

With near-term solar certainty now assured, it’s time to make sure our state can keep shining for the long-term. By the end of next year, the PUC will decide what the net metering rules will be for customers who go solar after July 2017. We need our Commission to keep standing up to utility pressure and make sure Californians continue to receive full, fair credit for their valuable solar investment – and we can’t do it without you!

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