Swimming Pool Solar Benefits

There are several benefits to equipping your swimming pool with solar panels. These include energy savings, extended swimming season, more enjoyable swimming activities, and increased use of your valuable investment right away. (contact us)


Energy Savings

By using the energy created by the sun you can reduce your energy usage. No more huge gas bill. Plug in to the power of the sun.

Pre-Heat Your Spa

Whether you heat your swimming pool daily for swimming laps or heat it up for the occasional party solar saves you money. Capturing the power of the sun with no incremental cost is the way to go. Another good trick is to shut the solar off on the pool for an hour during the afternoon. You let the panels bake in the sun. Then send that hot water to the spa. This in essence preheats your spa thus reducing the amount of gas necessary to bring it to the optimum temperature.
We typically set our clients computers up to do this automatically. This is especially useful during the winter months.

Extend Your Swimming Season

Depending on where you live you can extend your swimming season by a couple of months. If you choose a baseline of let’s say 70 degree water, in many areas you may even get a few months extra of a swimming season.

Increase Enjoyment of Your Pool

Swimming pools are just more enjoyable when they are warmer. Especially as we get older – we tend to prefer a warmer temperature in the swimming pool.

Use Your Swimming Pool More

Your pool will simply get more use if you have solar heating. The kids will enjoy it more. Friends and family will think of it as a more enjoyable experience if the water is warmer.

How it Works

Solar swimming pool heating works by re-directing the circulated water to black plastic collectors. These collectors are exposed to the sun’s energy. When the water in the collectors reach a temperature that exceeds that in the pool the flood gates are opened and the hot water is directed to the swimming pool. The cooler water from the pool goes up to the panels and the cycle continues as long as the water in the panels exceeds that which is in the swimming pool.

How Do I Get a Free Solar Quote?

Just click our quote link on this page to be directed to our inquiry page. You can also call us directly at (415) 897-7223 or email us at kevin@goldenstate.solar