We are excited to announce that Sun Bandit® now offers Solar Hybrid Gas Water Heaters. The new Gas Water Heaters provide maximum water-heating efficiency in one appliance by combining advanced Sun Bandit PV micro-grid technology with a 76,000 BTU natural gas or propane burner.

SunBandit_GasHeaterNatural Gas and Propane Water Heaters

The Sun Bandit Solar Hybrid Gas Water Heaters provide up to 4,960 watts of Sun Bandit micro-grid power per tank, providing unmatched economic benefits by maximizing the FREE energy of the sun while seamlessly integrating natural gas or propane when necessary. Our new water heaters are adaptable to all types of compatible power sources including photovoltaic, wind turbines, generators, batteries, grid and other power supply sources, making them the ideal choice for off-grid locations.

Your customers can use the new gas water heaters as a stand-alone unit or as a pre-heat unit for your traditional water heater. The optional internal heating coil provides a variety of additional heating options.

Firewater3No Net Metering

One of the key benefits of the entire Sun Bandit product line is that no net metering is required. Sun Bandit’s advanced micro-grid technology requires no net meter connection, allowing it to operate independently of the grid tied power supply to deliver power directly from the solar PV modules to the tank. Avoiding the net metering issue altogether eliminates costly and time-consuming net meter applications, permits and fees.

Easy Installation

The Sun Bandit Gas water heater installs the same way as any other traditional domestic hot water heater, making it an easy addition to any home. Sun Bandit eliminates the need for fluids, pump stations and complex engineering. The Sun Bandit Gas Water Heater is a simple, clean and dependable choice for meeting the domestic hot water needs of any residential, multi-tenant or small commercial project.

Convenient “All-in-One” Kits

The natural gas/propane tanks are available in a 100-gallon size with an internal heating coil as an option. Our “all-in-one” convenience kits provides economy and space savings.