2013 Q2 Solar Data Released

In 2013, a new solar project will be installed in the U.S. every four minutes, which is just one of many significant milestones detailed in the SEIA and GTM report released today, U.S Solar Market Insight: 2nd Q2 2013.

In April to June of this year, the U.S solar energy industry recorded its second best quarter ever – a whopping 15 percent increase over the first three months of 2013. We’re now generating enough clean electricity to power more than 1.5 million American homes, including the White House!

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But there’s even more good news! It’s estimated that the 9,400 MW of solar electric capacity installed this year will displace 9,232,122 metric tons of CO2 emissions annually (effectively offsetting the need to plant 236 million trees in the U.S.).  This is equivalent to:

  • Displacing the emissions produced from burning nearly 40,000 railcars’ worth of coal.
  • Removing 1.9 million cars from the road.
  • Displacing the emissions produced from burning the gasoline contained in 121,764 tanker trucks.
  • Replacing almost 3 coal-fired power plants with clean solar energy.

Take a few minutes to read the report, and you’ll see why solar is a such growing and important part of America’s future.  Today, we’re helping to create thousands of new jobs, grow the U.S. economy, strengthen our nation’s long-term energy security and fight climate change.

“America’s solar energy industry remains on course to have another record-shattering year,” said SEIA President and CEO Rhone Resch in releasing the new report.

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