10 Steps to Solar Power

1. Site assessment for size and cost of system.

2. Analyze 1-year bill summary for needs.

3. Best laminates or glass PV panels are chosen.

4. GSS delivers a customized plan and contract.

5. Plans are submitted for permits & interconnection.

6. With the permits, equipment is ordered.

7. GSS submits rebate reservation forms.

8. Upon delivery of system, installation is scheduled.

9. With installation completed, final inspections.

10. Owner has an orientation and flips the switch.


• Free Home Estimates
• Local Installation Team
• 20 Years of Home Service
• Reasonable System Costs
• 30% Federal Rebate

Pay Yourself for Your Power

Energy independence begins with you, and Golden State Solar Inc  makes it simple. Generating your own electricity makes your home or business more valuable. Solar is a hedge against the coming rate hikes, and keeps you from the highest rate tiers. Lessening the burden on the grid reduces brownouts and blackouts, pollution, and power towers. Put your hard-won dollars into your own asset. You can pay yourself for your power!

Top-line Products, Bottom-line Results

Golden State Solar Inc provides cutting edge products. Knowledgeable consultants offer conservation help (half the cure!), our Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV), and other built-in green systems, will save money and save the planet. The best products for the best price will become your turnkey results. This benefits homeowners, businesses, designers, developers, & contractors. GSS is a reliable resource for state & municipal projects. GSS is ready to help.